Port Imperial & Edgewater Rentals

The waterfront community of Port Imperial, New Jersey offers a wealth of housing choices for those looking to have ideal proximity to Manhattan, yet want a more suburban way of life. Whether you’re a young professional looking for an apartment with close proximity to the ferry, a family searching for a luxury brownstone with panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline or an investor searching for the perfect income-producing rental property, Port Imperial apartments have something to offer buyers and budgets of all types, as well as those who would prefer Port Imperial Rentals. Other high-end options include buildings like The Brownstones at Port Imperial or the Henley on Hudson development. No matter what style of home you’re looking for, it would be the great pleasure of Realtor Scott Selleck and the Selleck Global Intl. Team to assist you in finding the apartment you desire.

Apartments in Port Imperial  – Inquire About (No Fee) Rentals

Port Imperial apartments offer residents a luxurious lifestyle, yet each property presents unique qualities that are important to distinguish. Are you looking for an apartment with sweeping views of the city skyline? Do you require indoor parking or concierge services? Would you prefer the layout of a townhome to a traditional apartment? How close to you want to be to conveniences such as the grocery store, restaurants and shopping? Are upgrades like granite and stainless steel appliances a must? When you’re ready to begin your search through Port Imperial apartments, let Broker / Sales Associate  Scott Selleck with the Selleck Global Intl. Team, KW City Views be your guide. With more than two decades of experience buying, selling and renting real estate on New Jersey’s Gold Coast, let him put his experience and expertise to work for you.

In the meantime, Scott welcomes you to use the online search capabilities of this website to begin your look into what Port Imperial offers. Should you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation regarding your specific needs, Scott and his team are always just a phone call away.  Connect today to get started 201-970-3960!

Edgewater Apartment Rentals ( View Active Rentals Below)

Positioned beautifully along the majestic Hudson River, Edgewater apartment rentals are some of the finest along New Jersey’s Gold Coast. Offering panoramic waterfront views hugged on the western side by the dramatic Palisades Cliffs, Edgewater apartments offer all the convenience of the city with the views of a truly remarkable landscape. Just north of North Bergen, Edgewater is also home to a wide selection of year-round recreational entertainment, exceptional dining and shopping options, wonderful schools and convenient access to New York City for both work and pleasure. Whether you’re in search of a quaint apartment with easy access to the Edgewater-NYC Ferry or a luxurious penthouse with sweeping views, let Realtor Scott Selleck and the Selleck Global Intl. Team introduce you to the myriad of options available to you among Edgewater apartment rentals.

Living in Edgewater also affords residents with unparalleled recreational opportunities and whatever sports you enjoy. Veterans’ Field, which is home to indoor and outdoor basketball courts, three softball fields, a 1/3 mile-long track, tennis courts, a Little League field and a playground, is perhaps one of the most popular recreational attractions. 

One of the most unique characteristics to the community of Edgewater is The Edgewater Parrots. This free-flying colony of Monk Parakeets, also known as Quaker Parrots, is made up of small, green parrots that have lived in Edgewater since 1980. At last count, the flock numbered in around 230. Easily seen in the Memorial Park, the parrots build large, permanent nests that make them easy to find and observe. No one is sure why the birds came to Edgewater, but it is speculated that they escaped from a damaged crate at the John F. Kennedy Airport back in the 1960s.  

Apartment Rentals in Edgewater ( View Active Rentals Below)

City Place, a luxurious condominium community located on the Hudson River, is just one example of the housing options available to you when you choose to explore Edgewater apartment rentals. Here you’ll find that retail shopping, a movie theatre and restaurants are literally just steps from your front door, and that Manhattan views are the norm. Hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, marble bathrooms and indoor parking are just some of the options you can expect here. One of the newest buildings in the area featuring Edgewater New Construction is The Moorings. Unlike traditional condominiums or apartments, these beautiful townhomes offer more than 3,700-square feet of living space, outdoor spaces including patios, decks and French balconies, and more. If you’re looking for a spacious apartment rental, The Moorings should be on your list. These are just two of the many, many examples available to you here in Edgewater. 

To learn more about the apartment rentals available to you in Edgewater, New Jersey, do not hesitate to contact Realtor Scott Selleck and the Selleck Global Intl. Team today to learn more. They are standing by to take your call and look forward to helping you find the apartment rental in Edgewater that best suits your needs. Inquire about area promotions on NO – FEE RENTALS. Connect today at 201-970-3960!

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