Jacob’s Ferry Townhomes – Port Imperial


A waterfront community featuring exquisite townhome options, Jacob’s Ferry is located in the New Jersey town of West New York. Along with neighboring Bull’s Ferry, this premier community offers approximately 510 townhomes nestled along beautiful tree-lined streets and is just one mile from Manhattan. The decorative street lamps that line the streets only further exemplify the family-friendly, small town ambiance. The ideal location for those who want to live an amenity-filled lifestyle while being located just minutes from the city, Jacob’s Ferry should not be missed.

Jacob’s Ferry Condos For Sale

Jacob’s Ferry features a number of diverse floor plans for buyers to choose from, and prices range from the low $400,000’s to over $3 million – there is something for every budget. From the Albany Layout, which boasts two-bedrooms and 1,250-square feet to the Harbor Place Mansion layout, which offers more than 4,000-square feet and a private elevator, you’ll find it all here in Jacob’s Ferry.

Inside the townhomes, amenities continue to abound. Below is a list of some of the features you can expect to find at Jacob’s Ferry:

  • Private garages with direct access into your home
  • Elevated ceilings
  • Home security systems
  • Beautiful cabinetry
  • Designer chrome lighting
  • State-of-the-art appliances including side-by-side, built-in refrigerators
  • On-site management
  • Unparalleled views of Manhattan and the Hudson River
  • Daily shuttle service to the Port Imperial Ferry during rush hour

Residents of Jacob’s Ferry also enjoy beautifully landscaped outdoor tennis courts, two swimming pools and numerous relaxing cabanas. While the proximity to the city is outstanding, with all these amenities, you might just want to stay at home!

The Jacob’s Ferry Community is made up of the following Streets:

Lydia Drive, Price Court, Kingston Court, Midland Court, Roslyn Court, Oswego Court

Albany Court, Fulton Court, Buffalo Court, Newburgh Court, Brower Court, &  Price Court,

If Jacob’s Ferry condos for sale sound appealing to you, let Realtor Scott Selleck introduce you to the wealth of opportunity available to you. Backed by years of experience in the real estate market, he looks forward to helping you find the Gold Coast condominium that best suits your needs and exceeds your expectations. Connect today to get started!

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